I the HOLY SPIRIT bless the page
of this site "aiutoMARIA.it"
and I consecrate it to my sacred intentions that in the course of the hours I sent to communicate to my special consecrated person that he is my eternal spouse and of the Holy Virgin of God Most High Mary.

Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem

"Faith without works is dead". - Jas 2:26
"The others ..

God creates, condenses, centers, scatters and redistributes Spirits and Matter;
trans-substance the matter (transforms the vegetable and viticultural substance into human -Eucharist-)
and again..
he can order matter a spiritual meaning without changing its nature
                                          the natural substance with intrinsic Spiritual meaning
So if God has not yet abandoned, nor lost control
of HIS Creation of him,
this shot on the side recalls an unequivocal meaning
to all faiths.
  Meaning created with a little framed water vapor.
    God evangelizes with the means still available to him ...
    Don't you think so?

  Original photo: 12 April 2012 Gorizia -ITALY-

Thousands of Christian denominations: some, like detached leaves, do not grow

The Father on Golgotha ​​was "absent" but .. the Holy Spirit was there.
The question:
with or without "FILIOQUE" (Son)
THE Nicene-Constantinopolitan CREDO: "... proceeds from the Father and the Son"
THE Orthodox BELIEF ".. proceeds from the Father." ... and the son?
After hundreds of years Catholics have understood that the Holy Spirit also proceeds from Jesus to the Father and is introduced in the Creed (.. and by the Son).
"Father into your hands I commit my Spirit" Lk 23.46
For the Orthodox, on the other hand, the Holy Spirit does NOT proceed from the Son as well
THEREFORE in simple words: considering that the HOLY Spirit is the only Spirit of God, seeing that the Blessed Trinity co-existed in Jesus and that without the Holy Spirit the Father and the Son do not "transmit"..
..the question ends like this: Jesus, first in Getzemani, and then on the Cross, questioned the Father (Mk 15,34) who had interrupted the (communications) Spiritual effusions.
Christ, expressing and re-confirming this desire with a public act, at the point of death (Lk 23, 46) gave motion to the Spirit in that direction, he sent, thought into the hands of the Father "with Motu Proprio" his Spirit . That reached that point can be nothing but most holy.
The proof of reception and acceptance by the Father is confirmed by the GLORIOUS and not inglorious RESURRECTION.

- Of the Holy Spirit - in those hours - very little is spoken, but It - which existed 33 years with the Father in Jesus the Man - was very present in Jesus even after the "abandonment" of the Father. In fact, Jesus was able to invoke the Father because he kept the union with the Holy Spirit (who did not die like the life of the body of Christ), but that for the perfect and extreme obedience the Holy Spirit was sent ALIVE with desire in the Hands. of the Father so that the soul of the Son might fully know the absence of Light that overshadows the dead. Otherwise how can we say that the soul has known death if he was in the company of the Father and the Holy Spirit? It is impossible, moreover, to affirm that Jesus gave the Father a spirit different or divided from the Holy one of the Paraclete.
Because Jesus only united to the Holy Spirit had constant miracle power, that miracle power and conversion of hearts that the Church with the apostles had to receive at Pentecost to continue.
Jesus was with the immortal Holy Spirit on the Cross The proof is that, not Mary's tears, but the Holy Spirit with Jesus instantly converted the "good thief".