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"[.]Dio"[.] God wants to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart in the world [.]" -FATIMA 1917-


International Ecclesiastical Altar
--"My Grace expands to elevate this man of mine to the dignity of a servant of the creatures who are present to me and who must serve me in the moments of terror and love that will unfold in Medjugorje. that it is as dear to me as it was my land and that Grace exalts me that one does not go to consider for the evil that he is unable to do and that he must expel me arriving at communicating what priests are unable to say and that we would like to define once and for all in the priestly sphere as well. Medjugorje is a place where my will rises and is renewed in the intrusions that I am going to implement and include as if they were new implications that I have no desire to unroll with this last man of mine who does not want to give the crowds a false doctrine but a true indication of peace that he is unable to make my honor a normal day and a real glittering resolution that cannot be re-evaluated with the sadness that I am going to procure. My man Mariho loves me totally and I immerse him in my intimate heart of Grace that does not expand further and that does not wish to provide asylum to other men or women in search of pindarisms that are nothing but supernatural elevations worthy of the most squalid doctrine, which, however, fails to make my intimacy become another reality that must not be offered without my care as a Mother and as a Woman that it is not important to know when it has approached human pain, but which must be considered as one of my performed and immense works of good that I have given and that the Lord has defenestrated from the earthly projects of Grace that is by no means a joy in Heaven in which I have to go to detect the True and the very true becoming which is black as my suffering which thanks the new condition which is by no means an option of the Lord my Creator of the Grace of creation that we do not want to decipher now but that the theme goes down to the next events that are the same as my thoughts of yesterday that must not involve my will through these events that are dear to me but that do not fill my altar in Medjugorje which has emptied in the hours of the decades that are long winters without a soul to enjoy. I feel as an effect of my Grace to rise again with this speech in Medjugorje where I will take back the square in the time that is going to be defined and that I am not sorry to have to bear also with future chronicles, effect of Grace that does not end with the explosions of an inclement one but with the manifestations of love in my mind that leads you in my perceptible fantasy that I am going to defenestrate also in Medjugorje where my man could already speak but he will do it from after the III° secret to elevate you to the ultimate divine prohibition and let you decide personally whether to raise other sensual pleas or make you a current Grace the veins of the Creator of Time of the hours that I do not want to receive beyond the perversion of the chosen operators of Medjugorje where the immolated Child will have the Grace to be reconsidered for the surname that he donated to the memory and to the local history of world evangelization that I and my Son with the saints will go to unroll.My Grace expands to the point of indicating again this man of mine, writer and distributor of leaflets who in the time of hours fell in love with me and eternally involved himself with me."--

The Holy Spirit if you don't see it
you feel it

medjugorje_1983"Who is like God?"
.. among tobacco fields.

The Marian Holy Spirit, everywhere, for "5" centuries confirms and centers popular trust outside the Sacred Walls, to prepare the sensitivity of humanity, to the desire for understanding the celestial sensitive response, feedback infused ad personam in the praying devotees, who, in Medjugorje, as well as wearing the colors of Marianism-in the Paraclete, feel the 40-year-old abstention of non-believing priests among those sensitive to the new Catholic devotion, which is the guardian of 10 secret prophecies, proximate and contingent. Truths welcomed by Ministers in a position not to presume on the pedagogical rigor of God or on the unjudicable determinations anticipated through She who is: the Eternal Priestess of the Paraclete who called us to Medjugorje. Beyond "there is nothing more".


VIRGEN                                                 SAN

 (Messico)                                                                                                                             (Argentina) 
                                                                                                 Apparitions from 25 september 1983                     
INVOKED as protector in Lepanto                                                                       
ad llamada Gladys Quiroga de la Motta of:               

VIVID IMAGE                                        VIRGIN of the ROSARY         

      Unknown colors, non aderent, non aderenti                                                                                                            Theophanies and Mariophanies
decreed of supernatural origin            

Tilma at a costant temperature 36,6°degres                                                                           da Monsignor Hector Cardelli (foto) il 22 maggio 2016                

Luminous prodigy 1 May 2007
  Decree of di supernaturality PDF of the 1804 messages             

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The 1804 Messages of the Virgin of the Rosary published
with IMPRIMATUR from the Castagna banner
range from 25 September 1983 to 11 November 1990
The apparitions, interrupted and then restarted,
they are still in progress
but the contents are reserved by the Diocese.

A statue depicting the Mother of God and bought in Medjugorje by a married couple, began to weep blood, in the same period in which Mrs. Gisella began to receive apparitions (still in progress) of the Queen of Peace which, since 2016, confirms with works of miracles, faith in the messages he gives to the world. through a faithful to whom she foretells the imminence of apocalyptic contingencies yet to occur and messages with prophetic prayers. The story is followed by the Bishop who is directly informed by the visionary who goes with the statuette to a place in the countryside indicated to her by the Queen of Peace who attracts pilgrims and faithful also accompanied by priests to the place..
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   Mariofanie to 18-year-old Pedro Regis from 29 September 1987 in Anguera
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